It’s been a year and a half now; I am watching Billy Gene’s ads on YouTube. And, I am sure; you probably have come across these videos too.

Today, I am going to talk about Billy Gene Marketing. Is it a scam?

Well, let us discuss and understand deeply about this topic. Billy Gene Is Marketing is a digital marketing firm based in California that does social media marketing, especially Facebook ads.

For your information, this course is for digital marketers seeking results for more customers for their businesses. Hope you’ve got an idea what exactly Billy Gene Is Marketing is doing!

Today, I will be clarifying everything you would want to know to decide if Billy Gene is Marketing is a scam or not. In addition to this, I will also help you determine whether this program will help you scale faster.

Keep reading!

Today, we are going to discuss:

  • An overview of Billy Gene is Marketing
  • How Billy Gene is Marketing works?
  • Pros and Cons of Billy Gene is Marketing.
  • What Billy Gene is Marketing does well and what it does not?
  • What others are saying about Billy Gene is Marketing
  • My Recommendation regarding Billy Gene is Marketing

1.     An overview of Billy Gene is Marketing

According to ‘Billy Gene is Marketing,’ it is a marketing education agency that teaches you skills are never taught you in school. Most of you must have watched his YouTube ads that are quite attractive. He tells his story about how he purchased Bentley after staying in her girlfriend house and now generates a billion dollar in sales with his marketing agency.

Everyone will find his story motivating. Well, according to me, his story can help you get out of your bed and work harder as he did.

Added to a very motivating transformation, Billy Gene shows the skills he has acquired on his YouTube channel, in interviews and his courses.

Despite running a marketing company and helping local businesses, he has started Billy Gene is Marketing Inc. Here, he teaches entrepreneurs as well as marketers how they should market and sell.

Here are some points that set Billy Gene apart:

  • Kind of approach: He is not as formal as other professionals and does many of his videos in real-time.
  • Entertainment: His ads are full of excitement, humor, emotion, and based on human psychology ethically and positively.
  • Proof Before Selling: While he is gaining new marketing customers, he proves to them that they will get more business by working with him.
  • He Believes in Showing not just Saying: He believes in real-world examples and never markets anything wrong

2.     How Billy Gene is Marketing works?

To get the primary services of Billy Gene Is Marketing, you need to access the membership site, and that includes:

  • You will get monthly awareness from millionaires on ‘the skill of the month.’
  • Attend live weekly training with Q&A
  • Get access to previously recorded training
  • Get access to the private Facebook Group

In addition to these services, you will also learn:

  • Influential Writing
  • Selling Effectively
  • Fundamentals of Video Content
  • Facebook Ads
  • Live Streaming
  • Automation, and much more!

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Who can access the primary services of Billy Gene is Marketing?

It is a training platform for 50 hours or more. In addition to the video content, you can also learn from written content, blogs, YouTube channel, and interviews.

If you want to improve your internet marketing strategies, then you are an excellent fit for these services. If you are the one who can take action, this course is for you. In other words, people who want to make their business reach great heights, this course is for them. It only takes $200 a month.

3.     What Billy Gene is Marketing does well and what it does not?

There are two sides to every coin. Now that you are aware of Billy Gene is Marketing services and how does it work, here are a few things that he does well and a few do not.


  • They make captivating videos
  • They make educational ads
  • You will get to know about Billy Gene’s rags to riches story
  • You will get many happy customers


  • Some finds his content more of entertainment rather than a piece of advice for businesses.
  • Some does not like his actionable tips
  • No refunds
  • Sometimes, Facebook groups are not an effective method for an engaged group online
  • They never respond to bad reviews
  • It is challenging to stop billing when you want to cancel the membership

4.     What others are saying about Billy Gene is Marketing

Well, I have gone through the several reviews to tell you what people around the world are talking about Billy Gene is marketing.

Now that you know what customers are talking about him, I have jotted down the main feedback about the reviews:


  • Billy Gene is Marketing focus on creating captivating ads
  • His ads are gripping and eye-catching
  • He is upfront
  • His customers has got great results
  • They are real
  • He has a fantastic office in San Diego


  • Fuzz in the membership content
  • Content is costly
  • Cannot cancel the membership
  • No refund at all

5.     My Recommendation regarding Billy Gene is Marketing

Well, we’ve gone through all the things related to Billy Gene is Marketing, and it for sure that it’s not a scam. I could have said much about him, but, reviews and ratings are a proof that they are worth it and most of the customers are satisfied

According to me, they offer an efficient service and have admirable goals to impart marketing skills. But, most of the clients are facing issues with their billing, and I want to be careful of that.

In addition to the billing problems, they don’t have any refund policy. They do not refund you for money until the clients who want to cancel their membership and have written distressed criticisms.

Moreover, some people have also claimed to lose more than $700 after trying to cancel the membership. Sometimes, people can be wrong, and it can be a step of the rival, but he should reply to them.

Well, I would not endorse agencies with billing problems until they reply to the customers. They should try to correct the problem and take accountability for their mistakes. As the customer complaints have no replies, they feel injustice, which is not right. In the end, I won’t say Billy Gene is marketing is a scam agency, but I also would not endorse it.

I wish they will improve the billing issues and begin replying to their unhappy clients!