Are you a businessman or an entrepreneur?

You might be thinking that a businessman or an entrepreneur both the same. Why create chaos and dig into this new investigation?

Well, I would like to share some points with you which definitely make these separate from each other and they are DIFFERENT.

Let’s dive into Businessman or an Entrepreneur  article

#1: Ideas

The term “business” stands for the trade of the products or services which are already well used by the audience in the market.

It’s an idea of generating good profits and taking calculated risks while competing with several with the same thing to offer.

You work on an idea which was already initiated by someone in the past and which is well accepted by the audience around you.

However, when you think differently, you look at the problem around you and not the product, and when you come to think of a different solution; this is when you dive into entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur works on an all-new idea which is still not initiated by anyone out there or probably initiated, but this one wants to approach the problem with a different solution and make it a success.

#2: Definition of Success

Success for a businessman is some millions turnover increase in this year or if you run a small venture, success for you is developing it to become huge.

A businessman dedicates his brain and brawn to raise the number of sales in his business every week, every month and every year.

While, when it comes to an entrepreneur, success does not limit to a single idea or solving a single problem.

Bringing another idea to life is a success.

Addressing several problems and solving them for the best, is a success.

They can’t think of limiting themselves to a single thing or an idea, neither will they dedicate their whole life to a single thing.

For them, Success is moving forward with innovations.

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#3: Brand

For a businessman, they love when their business product turns into their audience’ favorite brand to consume.

They dedicate almost their whole life growing up that single venture to the heights of the sky and are rather scared of leaving that settled business of their own.

It comes to their pride when someone asks them to sell their venture to someone else.

They feel that they will become hopeless and helpless without that business in their life.

However, an Entrepreneur does not attach himself to that extent to his venture.

They consider and understand that their venture is a single solution to a single problem which may be finished or need renewal when the time comes.

They understand that there are various problems in the world which require different solutions and they address the problems and apply the best possible solutions on it.

For an entrepreneur, their brand is “They, themselves”. They work hard in building themselves highly capable of looking out for the problems and solving them.

#4: Capital

Whether you are giving out a solution to an extensive problem in the market or you are an added player in the prevailing competition in the market, you need to fund your work.

When you are in a business, it will help you with a lot of basics which you can study around and a complete calculation of how much to invest or spend by seeing your peers in the market.

A businessman calculates the amount of capital and risks to be invested in the business by carefully observing the others out there.

They can easily state after a thorough study, whether their product will flourish in the market with high sales or not.

When it comes to business, They get so many upper hands to support them in regards to capital because of the assured returns.

However, it is a completely opposite scenario for an entrepreneur.

When we talk about the capital to be invested in initiating a whole new concept in the market, the person does not have any solid statistics that how much profit will this venture make after its establishment.

Many times, the entrepreneurs do not get any support from the finances

All they have to do is invest their life-long savings and earnings in the venture to let it breathe in the market.

They strive hard for months, sometimes years or a few decades

as well before the venture actually turns out to be a gold producer for them or at least

they feel that it is solving the problem in the way they wanted it to do.

So, are you a Businessman or an Entrepreneur?

Well, you can be any one of these two or you can be both.

All it takes your persistence to dedicate yourself to what you are doing.


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