Have you heard about domain authority stacking? 

In brief, it’s called DA’s in some SEO marketer. This procedure is a little tricky if you’re new to this. In our present era, the requirements to rank a site have shifted. 

Yes, it is true!

While links remain our prime method to get sites ranked, it’s no longer about brute-forcing your site to the head of the SERPs. The words “trust” and “authority” are being considered as essential components of the current SEO strategy.

There’s a certain commonality between sites on the first page. And the page one is usually populated by sites with high DA and enormous “trust.” This trend is not falling. 

Now we can expect to see that the most effective SEO’s are the ones who can imitate the trustworthy sites that Google favours successfully.

What is domain authority stacking? 

Domain authority stacking (DAS) is one of the best ways to boost the domain authority and to rank together. 

If you are using more than one high DA sites, it will boost the SERP performance of your website. The majority of people think that making links from social media platforms will help. 

But do you know the most of these links are no-follow?Yes!

Therefore Google won’t track them. Even if you get a Do-follow link, they are not connected to the page content and end up in the sideboard.

When you build a stack of websites that have your website at the end, you profit from other sites links in the stack too. 

Are you thinking to use PBNs (private blogging networks)?


Use this method to protect your site from getting punished by Google.

With DAS, there will be just one link to your money website in the PBN. Thus it will make it difficult for Google to figure out what is happening.

The main benefit of using Domain Authority Stacking is that it makes a robust online authority for your website. Once you have set up the stack for your website, analyze your competitor’s domain authority. 

Understand what all you can do to reach the level of your opponent. Ensure your money site is created by utilizing the best SEO methods with SEO friendly tags in page content and media. Google now considers videos as a significant factor for ranking websites. Therefore, keep good video content on your money website to get quick results in SERP.

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What does DAS do?

Brand Awareness – 

As we all know, brand awareness is a must when you’re beginning a new website. DAS help you to enhance your brand awareness as you will usually build naked links and brand name as your anchor text in tier 1 properties. 

Authority metrics 

Increasing site authority is the most awaited part of having an SEO. The higher the numbers, the more the search engine likes your website, your indexing rate will rise. Also,  your rankings will be part of the reward for every page that you have. We all have an idea of how domain authority (DA) is vital to SEO. So, DAS will help your site’s metrics increase, such as DA and PA.

How does DAS work?

DAS is a little bit more confusing. It is like the tiered link building network strategy. However, the only distinction between the two is that the tiered link building or what we called the multi-tiered network is providing many links factors. It is pointing to tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc. while the domain authority stacking is building a quality tier 1 contextual backlink with high DA. 

So, this will include web 2.0 blogs posting, some PBN, or guest posting. And then, you will build tier 2 with same set up high DA, tiered 3 = same, etc. You can build up to 5 – 6 upper-tier level depends on your campaign. 

What Sites to Use for DAS

The establishment of DAS lies with the high DA properties used. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter are just a few.

We’ve identified more than 300 of these kinds of properties, organized them according to what kind of links they give and how productive we can get with interlinking. These sites are what influence our Social Foundations 2.0 service.

The DAS method advocates using unique content on your tier 1 properties. So it would make sense to use features which will accommodate a lot of unique and high-quality content, such as Tumblr and Weebly.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is you want your tier 1 to last, especially if you’re going to dump a lot of content and links into it.

Here you can see different web 2.0s, especially for removal/deletion rates, and have a lot of luck with these 5 sites standing the test of time AND giving the ability for a do-follow link wrapped in boatloads of content:

  • Yola.com
  • Wix.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Tumblr.com
  • Page.tl

However, here you also have gotten high DA links from stuff like:

  • Digg profiles
  • Scoop.it profiles
  • Folkd.com profiles
  • Soup.io build-outs
  • Etc.

Well, the list of sites that can push your DA is long.

Guide to implement Domain Authority Stacking
  1. First and foremost, create website stacks of properties linking from YouTube, Facebook, Web 20 sites, and much more.
  2. Make sure the site is linked in a very random manner. 
  3. Further, the pattern of how the money site is linked should not be very evident and apparent.
  4. Don’t forget that the lower DA properties should be placed closer to your money site.
  5. These high DA must connect to all the pages on the website and not just the homepage.

How Effective is DAS for Local SEO?

Elements of the DAS strategy can undoubtedly be beneficial for a local SEO campaign, not only for links but also for disorderly citations.

Well, anywhere you can leave an occurrence of the business name, address, and phone in the text would be useful for local SEO. Google crawls these and accounts for them. 

Wrapping it up

Besides this, using DAS strategy lets you get a money site to enhance its DA without having to bother about having Google punish you for using tactics it deems unacceptable.

You can follow any number of instructive videos on YouTube that will give you the many techniques SEO experts build their set-ups to enable a site to get a higher domain authority quickly.

The SEO market place is ever-changing and growing, and staying up to date on all the modern tactics is the most reliable way to ensure your business keeps moving ahead.