The acronym of CPC is cost per click which is popular for earning among freelancers. By using cpc you earn money at home with the help of PPC (pay per click). CPC is the amount for pay in each one of the click by using PPC ads in your website such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads and Google Adsense.

There are several factors for your cost per click such as quality score, maximum bid and also depend on the ad rank of other advertisers bidding for the same keyword.

Good CPC in Adwords ( high CPC keywords )

Good CPC main depend upon the traffic of your website. The Adwrds ROI (Return on Investment) also depend upon the quality of the traffic in your website and how much pay for clicks for increasing the rank in Google. High traffic is essential for the promotion and earning with the popularity of the business among viewers.

Generally, cost per click mainly depends on the business, what type of business, which network you are connected for advertising the website of your products in your business. 

8 ways for high CPC(Cost Per Click) on Google Adsense

 If you are using Google Adsense for your website then these advertisements in your website are coming from  Google’s AdWords advertising program. An individual using the AdWords program for our website which pays Google for every click made on their advertisements. 

If you apply Google Adsense on your blogs on your website then paid to you which depend on what you pay Google. At present, at about 68 per cent of the bid price for this advertisement. If you pay $2 to Google for every click on a particular advertisement for a specific keyword then you receive $136 when viewer click on your advertisement

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Now we discuss how you can attract the best paying adverts: those with the highest CPC which are discussed below – 

High traffic

 If the visitors are not attention on your web pages then they will not click n your advertisements in your website. First of all, you focused on your traffic is looking for a blog or not.

If viewers are interested in your blog then click the advertisement which is placed on your blog.

Several bloggers use Adsense on their website and guess that Google will provide advertisement which is suitable for the blog.

Google also check the blog whether it is unique or not and informative or not then placed the advertisement on the blog.

If you do not attract the viewers then write an interesting blog in which viewers are seeking in Google which increases the blog traffic. 

  • Examine Your Ad Placement – You can locate the advertisement on the web pages anywhere. Google provides the maximum paid ads on your website.
  • If you aware about the loading order of each element on your blog or website page? If you did not know please, check your source code (Ctrl+U) or concern with your theme developer.
  • If Adsnse ads are appears in your website then this appearance provides the maximum CPC advertisements.


  • Text, Image and Video AdSense Adverts – Some people prefer text ads instead to the image ads and some prefer text ads instead of content.
  • When the test post is linked with video ads then viewers’ increases in your website due to most of the viewers prefer video ads in its place of text and image ads.
  • The video ads attract viewers which increases the clicks on your website this will helps in increases CPC.
  • It is important to note that you did not have the problem that the visitors do after the click.  If the visitors click on your video you get paid.
  •  The Entire Domain Counts – Google also check the domain name of your website such as .com, .org, .in and many more domains.
  • If your website without any domain name then Google does not ranking your website. First of all when you make the website for earn money with Google Adsense then it is essential the domain of your website.
  • The domain of the website also attracts the viewers to reach your website.  Google examine the authority of the whole website and keywords of the content.
  • If you want to increase the ranking of blogs then use keywords which are suitable for your blog which helps in increases the viewers.
  • Thus keywords play an important role for promoting the blogs.
  • Selection of keywords – The selection of keywords is also most important in writing a blog or article for Google Adsense due to Google also checks what type of keywords are used in the content.
  • The advertisements are placed on the blog will relate to the Google algorithm’s view of the content of that page.
  • If you want to target high-priced keywords, then choose one and design the whole page around that.
  • SEO basics of Adsense – The main SEO basics of Adsense are Meta description and Title tag should the targeted keyword. The most important thing is that content should be unique and informative then SEO is applied for promoting the blog.
  • If your content is copy paste and not informative then any technique not helps in promoting. Large number of keywords should not use in any blog and appears in bold letter.
  • Thus the techniques of SEO helps in getting the maximum CPC ads included n the page. If you want to gain the maximum CPC then optimize the web pages or blog for these keywords.
  • Improve The Quality of Your Site – Google also checks the quality of the website whether it is selected to place an advertisement or not. If you are approved by Google Adsense then improve the quality of the website. When your website is approved by the Google Adsense then it will help to achieve high CPC.
  • Avoid Link Unit ads – These ads which are placed n your blog, one link reveals a several numbers of adverts when clicked on your post. Visitors object for clicking double and then received an advertisement. Thus they leave your website or never to click on these links. Thus you should try to avoid link unit ads.