Instagram is one of the trending social channels and will keep growing shortly. As per the statistical report, the majority of people on this planet is 7.7 billion and 1 billion people use Instagram every month. And we know Instagram is known for its engagement.

People love interacting with individuals and brands. If a brand meets expectations to their followers. So the question arises on how you will get organic followers and maximum sales opportunity by exposing your brand in a way that convinces them to buy.

I will explain 11 points that will give awareness to your brand and maximum sales to your business.

Create A Business Profile: Creating a business profile and uploading a very good profile image and writing a curative bio will help you attract customers who are visiting your profile or a page. In this, you will get proper analytics and super active features like insights and paid promotion facilities. Making use of this will help you get more followers and gain a customer base.

Focus on high-quality graphics: think “visual-first” on Instagram. Be ensured that your posts and stories are eye-catching.

Use canva for beginner basic use and high-end graphics one should use photoshop or illustrator. Using end graphics will automatically give you the strength to stand out from the audience and will reflect a good audience into your bucket.

Use descriptive hashtags

if we use hashtags effectively then we can gain the opportunity to discover our products. If we use an effective way then we can raise the visibility and reach new customers.

Use appropriate hashtags by researching and applying on your niche. Use all hashtags, top hashtags, best hashtag best tools for uplifting your audience and gain traction.

Run adequate campaign ads

getting good quality traffic and engagement on your page one needs to run simple ads by putting some figures like the targeted audience, age, demographic and area of interest.

One can easily find a good number of people through a good campaign. There are a lot of benefits like brand awareness, traffic to the source and engagement.

Chatbots technology

as we know most of the renowned brands use this technology to reduce the availability, patience reduction technique and quickness in rapid responsiveness.

One can find this very useful when you act as a virtual assistant in the form of a bot. Every little bit of query can be addressed and everything can be performed as per like a professional team is communicating.

Using chatfuels and manychats will give you accuracy and instant communication with your customers to make them feel the availability of your team so that they may not move from your page/profile to another end.


Getting engagement is not hard at all. Making use of every bit of a resource into quality can win through quantity. Posting unnecessary content can disturb your engagement.

Make sure you use high-quality hashtags and good graphics which uplift your business to every aspect to a good corner.

Timing to schedule: As the new Instagram feature suggests that you will get the entire followers’ active routine to get the maximum use of your post into a business that will affect positively in terms of analytics.

To make sure using high-quality graphics and scheduling them into the promised time will give you a boost your analytics. And if you create the post in which you offer a solution to a rather than direct approaching to your service will not give you what you are expecting.

One should know their targeted audience, niche. So that you can pick their pain nerve and give them the solution for what they are expecting.

Content is King

Writing curative captions is a lot in a saying to engage people and look for your services. Psychology says that our brain can catch the words for only 6 seconds.

So using short captions by putting some questions for your new audience into the feed where you are posting can engage people and you can offer them your services by simply asking them some sort of questions into it will engage a lot of audiences.

Video content

psychology and humans are so close intimidating to the real problems for the world. By creating less than 15 to 20 seconds of video that what the real problem is and what is your solution to the world that can help them understand or get them aware of the problem.

Like for example, most of the young or old men lose their hairs from there head. So you have analyzed the problem and maybe you are offering hair treatments like nutrition diet, organic foods or supplements.

So you have a clearly defined audience to target or make them aware of what you are struggling right now and we have a great solution for our audience.

You can create basic videos by using these online platforms like biteable, lumen5, kizoa, animoto, spark adobe, and if you want a professional high-end video content then use adobe premiere pro or adobe after effects.

Instagram Stories

Stories are a great way to express in 15 seconds. Using right approach can boost your Instagram analytics by direct tagging and using polls or answers or question to the followers like if someone has a youtube channel then he wants his youtube family to watch his videos but the YouTuber is not getting the idea onto which topic he can create his next video then there is an option to ask questions.

Getting live and commenting

getting live with your followers is connecting to their souls.

Getting one too many interactions can give you a boost to your Instagram analytics and engagement too. And one more part of engagement is commenting to the people of your same niche and asking into their posts and putting some solution-oriented comment can make a person visit to your profile/page.