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Keyword Planner can do all of these things except: Answer

This right answer is :

Keyword Planner can do all of these things except:

provide Quality Score estimates and validate keywords

Keyword Planner can do all of these things but not offer Quality Score estimates and validate keywords. For explanation let us discuss in detail

Keyword – Keyword is the main part of promotion and SEO basics to promote the products and website. It also can be used in increasing the ranking in Google which also helps in increasing the viewers. If you want to increase the ranking website and products in Google then use keywords which are different and unique in content. It also helps in increasing the viewers for the website.  Thus keywords play an important role in promoting the website of the company.

Keyword Planner – It is a free tool of Google Ads which provides the ideas of keywords and estimate of traffic which help to make a search network campaign. By using keyword planner you search keywords which can be used to select competitive bids and budgets for using with your campaigns. 

This blog tell about the ways for using Keyword Planner to arrange the groundwork for a successful campaign.

Benefits of keyword planner – There are several benefits of keyword planner which can use to accomplish the following tasks – 

  • Research keyword – By using keyword planner, you can search best keyword which is suitable for your products, service and website.
  • Get traffic forecasts and historical statistics – By using statistics, it can help in deciding which keywords is use for a latest or existing campaign. Forecasts can be used for predicting clicks and estimated conversations which can provide you an idea of how to make a list of keywords may 

perform for a given budget and bid. It can also help in to guide the decision on which budgets and bid are set.

The keyword planner are helps in getting great ideas of keywords and traffic forecasts, the performance of campaign depends on a several types of factors such as product, bid, budget and customer behavior. These factors can influence the success of your campaigns. 

Instructions – There are some instructions for searching new keywords which are discussed below –

Search for new keywords – To search for new keywords several factors are used are given below – 

  1. First of all Sign in  to your Google ads account 

Note: If you are log in into a manager account then you will require selecting a managed account for using in order to continue.

  1. Click the tools icons which are placed in the upper right corner. After this, click keyword planner.
  2. After that, type the term “ Find new keywords” in search box then press Enter
  3. Now Get started for getting new ideas of keyword and historical statistics.

After that you can use the ideas of keyword page to

  • First of all filter by using average monthly searches, keyword text, top of page bid (low range), top of page bid (high range) ad impression share, or exclude keywords which are already in the account.
  • Now examine volume data for your ideas of keywords with the help of data range.
  • After that, visualizations which are broken down by find locations, platforms and volume trends.
  • Now download ideas of keywords.
  • Then add keywords to the plan for getting forecasts which broken down by language, network settings and location.

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