Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world. Promoting a business on Facebook is the best way to reach your potential audience.  Choosing the appropriate type of Facebook Ad is very important when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Advertising tools on Facebook provides ton of ad types. Always on focus on the most specific type of Facebook ad. Before you go deeper there are five types of Facebook ads that you should use.

  1. Video Ads
  2. Website Traffic Ads
  3. Promotional Ads
  4. Lead Generation Ads
  5. Post Engagements Ads

1)    Video Ads:

According to Facebook people spend more times watching videos instead of pictures. There are billions of users on Facebook and each day millions of people watch video advertisements.

Video Ads are a great way to introduce your brand to your audience in a few seconds. Identify your potential audience and make video ad precisely.

People wants special and exciting stuff on Facebook and your approach should be to engage your audience.  

How to Make a Facebook Video Ad:

To perform better and engage maximum number of people your video should be:

  • Optimal for all devices including Mobiles, desktops and tablets
  • Shows your brand/product in an attractive manner
  • Maximum 15 seconds longer
  • Audience should be able to watch without sound


2) Website Clicks Ads:

These types of Ads are mostly used by websites who wants to drive traffic to blog posts and site pages. Such ads include website link and a small description which should be eye catching.

You must include click to Website Ads in your campaigns. These ads are useful to showcase the website to visitors and it also increase trust between your brand and audience.

Always tell a story with these types of Facebook Ads. Use carousel of images with different blog posts or pages to make it different. Popular websites like Medium and Forbes use click to website ads to get traffic on their blog posts.

3) Promotional Ads

These ads are a great way to sell your products at a cheap price. You can burn your competitors using promotional discounts on your products for a limited time.

It can boost your sales by grabbing people attention and prompt them to act.

Facebook Advertising tools provides different options to apply promotional discounts on your products. For example, if you have a warehouse or any other online business, just add your products in carousel and use discount codes to boost sales.

It has been observed that physical business performs better with such ads rather than online business.

For example, if you run a brick store, customers can enter your shop and get discount by applying the discount code. Moreover, they will also be reminded by Facebook about new offers. You can set your own custom promotion timing and ideal promotion runs for 7 days.

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4)  Lead Generation Ads:

These types of Facebook Ads are useful to grow your email subscribers. You can add a form and ask users to fill a form to keep them updated with latest stuff on your website or Facebook page.

You can also do more amazing stuff.

It saves a lot of time because Facebook automatically fills most of the form. To gain maximum benefits you can also use Zapier to upload your new contacts automatically to your email provider.

Moreover, you can use Lead Generation Ads with promotional ads to drive traffic to your website and then ask users to fill out a form. After filling the form user will be redirected back to Facebook. It is effective for stores which offers new products and services continuously.

5)   Post Engagements:

These types of Facebook Ads work better for those pages who regularly post new content. It can increase your post engagement and you can easily get organic followers. Your followers can than share your posts to expand your audience. It will generate more comments and likes.

It also has an amazing feature where you can add a page like button on the top of post to get both “page likes” and engagements.

Always keep in mind that some of your posts may work better than others and it will give you a fair idea of your audience. Keep this fact in mind and posts similar stuff to engage more audience.


Facebook provides infinite possibilities of targeting your customers with several types of Facebook Ads. Before choosing the ad, types do some research and implement your strategy.

More importantly use your budget effectively and spend on suitable ads types. Above discussed types of Facebook ads are efficient to take your business to a new height of success.

By implementing two of the above strategies you ‘ll see a rise in your traffic and sales. What else do you need?