Why Keyword Research Is So Important?

Hi welcome and I’m glad you are here. So you want to know why having a keyword before writing is important for SEO? Why does it matter the most? Well, you will find out the answer in this in-depth article.

Keyword research is important because whenever you write an article you need to focus on one primary topic that you would like to rank for. Because of the keyword, you will get the desired ranking that you are looking for. 

Okay, now you know why it is important. Let’s talk about keyword research factors that help you get more traffic.

Keyword Difficulty In Keyword Research

Knowing your keyword difficulty before writing an article is important. If you write about just a random broad keyword and you have a small website (not authoritative on the internet), you will be ending up getting zero traffic or you may get a few (which will not be useful). So you must know the keyword difficulty of a keyword you want to write on.

Broad Keywords In Keyword Research

This step is for those who have an authoritative website on the internet. An authoritative website can handle competition pretty well.

The broad keyword is so competitive that it is hard for new websites to rank. So what can be the solution? Look for a long-tail keyword.  

What are long-tail keywords in keyword research

Long-tail keywords are perfect for every blogger on the internet. These are the keywords that actually get some traffic for small or new websites owners.

The best example of a long tail keyword would be: “Why keyword research is important for new websites?”  

Now long-tail keywords don’t hold to much traffic and also a competition so it’s a great way to target those type of keywords. If you have a new website. 

How to Find Keywords? 

Now you must be wondering how will you find long-tail keywords. Well, I’ve got you covered.

To find long-tail keywords, you can use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest, etc. There are lots of keyword research tools out there. Depending on your budget, choose one of them. 

I’d suggest beginners go for Ahrefs. The tool has many amazing features and especially, it is made for the keyword research and is best for the beginners. The tool provides you with a bunch of long-tail keywords alongside keyword competition

What is keyword competition?

Keyword competition is another great important factor before writing a piece of article.
Without knowing your competition, don’t think of ranking. Competitive research is really important for every content writer.

It doesn’t matter if you are targeting for a long-tail keyword or broad keyword. It doesn’t matter if you have an authoritative website or small. If you don’t know your competition and what they are doing, you just can’t beat them.

For example, if someone is already ranking for a long-tail keyword with 3500 words. And you did the keyword research and found the same keyword and thinking of 1st position with 1500 words. Congratulations!!! You just wrote a private article that no one will see.

On the other hand, if you do the competition research and do one step better than the first position ranking article, you may able to beat them.

Know Who Are You Competing With

Now if you have a small or a new website in the nutrition niche, you might not able to stand a chance until you get some EAT on your website. Because you need to be niche experts to rank on the 1st page of Google. 

Some examples are, Healthline and WebMD. Now they have most authority website on the internet. You can’t even imagine to beat them in terms of a ranking if you are a new blogger. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but to beat giant websites, you also have to be another giant.  

Means, You need to stand out your website on the internet. 

Do link building, create content regularly, make a YouTube channel, publish guest posts on authority website in your niche and establish EAT.

How to do a keyword search without using a tool?

This is really unique and I am sure there are very few websites telling you this trick.

If you don’t like or don’t have enough money to purchase tools for keyword research, I have a pro tip for you. 

So read carefully. 

Google Dropdown Suggestion”

Now Google suggestion occurs when you type something in the search engine and it shows you the auto-complete suggestion on the dropdown. 

These are topics that people are searching for. 

So go and click each one of them and find out where you have a chance to get ranked. 

Now there is a new feature of Google, “Google Question Hub.” 

What it does is it will give you the keyword that people are searching for and no one is writing about. You can take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Choose your industry or enter a niche (for example, nutrition). It will add some keywords on your homepage on which the information is missing. Just choose what you like to write. Good news is there is no competition out on those keywords!!

Keyword Research Tools: 

If you have money and want to become the best in your field, you might want to have a good keyword tool. 

I have listed the best tools and price with them 

  1. Ahrefs ( $99 per month )
  2. Semrush ($99.95 per month)
  3. Long Tail Platinum ($37 per month)

Why they are the best among all keyword research tools?

They give you the most accurate and good search volume, SERP and other keyword suggestions.

I have been using Ahrefs for the past 4 years and I have ranked many articles for my clients and my own blogs as well. 

Check how to do keyword research using Ahrefs video by sam Oh


Hope you’ve got your answer to why keyword research is important for you?


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